As digital music collections grow, so do disorganized music collections, and albums missing cover art. Yet, missing album cover art can ruin the most wonderful media library. The solution is simple and there are options for adding artwork.  If you are lucky, Apple will find it for you….. If not then there are other options. You can add your own custom created cover art, or search for music album cover’s via Google. Some of us want more. So we have created some cover art that hopefully will satisfy the (Media Junkie) in you………..


We love creating cover art!

Request Cover art!

1. Send us a list provide Artist, and Album Name. Limit 20 items at a time.
3. Within 48 hours you will receive (20) album covers to your email address you have provided to us!

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Picture56How to Add Album Covers in iTunes


How do you add Custom Cover art to your iTunes Library?


itunes 1

1. In Browse view, select the album in your iTunes  library.
2. Choose File, Get Info or press Command-I (Mac)  or Ctrl-I (PC).

itunes 2

3. Click Add to edit information for music item then  click OK.

itunes 3

4. You can choose a cover from your picture library  or where ever the cover art may be. Click on that  cover.

itunes 4

5. Click OK to make the change.

itunes 5

6. So now you will see your cover art in iTunes that  has been added to the music file.

itunes 6

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